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Since 2001, Ms. Wayman has presented trainings, workshops, master classes and seminars to over 500 audiences around the world, many of them repeat engagements and ongoing consultation services

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Available Dementia & Alzheimers Training Options

Online Training Courses

Learn to care for people with Dementia

The Dementia Whisperer, Inc. is a a cutting-edge alzheimer’s training and consulting company that will help you or your organization master the critical tools to improve Alzheimer’s and Dementia care performance in a rapidly changing and challenging care environment.

We can’t stop, fix, or change dementia, but we can manage it and have more positive interactions as we begin to understand what’s behind dementia symptoms. Become a certified Dementia Aware Safe Space by having Laura Wayman train your care facility or first-responder team about becoming Dementia Aware.

Socially Distanced Dementia & Alzheimers Training Options

Professional facility or agency based trainings

Choose from the following options:

  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Skilled Nursing
  • In-Home Care Staff Trainings
  • Workshops
  • In-Services.

We are certain that everyone will benefit from The Dementia Whisperer training, even those already trained in dementia care. As Ms. Wayman relates, both the teacher and student learn from each other regardless of experience or circumstance. These trainings can assist in meeting your state licensing requirements.

year long Consulting/training program for the professional

How can The Dementia Whisperer Raise Your Organization’s Dementia Awareness Long Term? This year long consulting program has been successfully proven to benefit assisted living/memory care communities, skilled nursing facilities and in-home care organizations to raise their dementia-awareness for all staff as well as setting each organization apart as the dementia experts, promoting a more positive dementia care brand awareness for family members throughout each of the local areas each of these care providers serve.

blue ribbon level family and community presentation

Good caregiving always recognizes the inclusion of family and the entire community at large as part of its service equation. This is never more essential than when dealing with Alzheimer’s, or any of the other estimated 100+ causes of dementia. In Alzheimer’s case studies, the primary caregiver is 68% more likely to die before the patient does; this perhaps best illustrates how devastating the implications of the disease are. Ms. Wayman will raise dementia awareness for family members and clients and will offer this vital training to those whose loved ones reside at home as well as in dementia-care communities and all individuals within the local community. Check out Ms. Wayman’s Event Page for an event near you!

professional leadership training master class – 2 day retreat

This all-inclusive training package is designed for Assisted Living/Memory Care/in-Home Care Organizations/Skilled Nursing Facilities/Faith Organizations and all professional dementia care providers. Treat your entire organizationto this empowering and inspiring two day training retreat designed to provide a total transformation to your dementia care approach.  Host a training for your community or invite key team members from sister communities to learn this highly acclaimed and successful program based on Ms. Wayman’s books, A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, published by Johns Hopkins University Press. 

Certified professional practitioner seminars

This eight hour class brings together a wide variety of senior care professionals from various fields to examine and share ways to translate our evolving knowledge into a loving approach to day to day care. Ms. Wayman will transform and refresh your current care programming and present a mix of new insights, tried and true communication skills and innovative and easy to learn successful care practices that will take your dementia care perspective and service provision to the next level.

Who Should Attend:

  • Professional Care Providers from Assisted Living/Memory Care/Skilled Nursing
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Medical Professionals
  • Adult Day Care Management and Staff
  • Geriatricians/Gerontologists
  • Government Officials from Health and Social Services
  • Home Care Managers and Staff
  • Legal/Attorney and Financial/Estate Planners
  • Nurses/CNA’s
  • Occupational/Physical Therapists
  • Social workers
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Dietitians
  • Policemen, Firemen,Paramedics

personal consultations for family groups or individuals

How can the Dementia Whisperer help you and your family? The Dementia Whisperer can help make understanding dementia symptoms and subsequently managing dementia behaviors easier. Ms. Wayman’s One and a half hour consultation (in person or via the telephone/Skype) will help to determine your individualized needs and challenges and includes:

  • General education on Dementia
  • Coaching to reduce Caregiver stress
  • Suggestions to modify your home environment
  • Strategies to manage challenging behaviors
  • Information to keep your loved one active and engaged
  • Ideas to create a more enjoyable dining experience
  • Resources to help with respite care and ongoing care support

Become A Certified Dementia Aware Safe Space

Become a certified Dementia Aware Safe Space by having Laura Wayman train your care facility or first-responder team about becoming Dementia Aware.

Current Certified Dementia Aware Safe Spaces

These Dementia-Aware Safe Spaces are changing the lives of individuals with any cause of dementia symptoms and their caregivers by providing specialized and innovative dementia-aware care and programs.

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