Feel-good stories to celebrate National Family Caregivers Month


The news headlines have been heavy and filled with sadness lately, so I thought I would share a few uplifting stories. November is National Family Caregivers Month and these are great reminders that, beyond the darkness, there is so much light to be found in caring for a loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. I hope these stories bring you as much joy as they did me!

“Man thanks stylist for his wife’s haircut” – An Illinois hairstylist got a heartwarming surprise after taking a walk-in appointment for a woman and her doting husband. She noticed that the couple seemed to be very much in love, but didn’t yet know their whole story. Several months letter, she got an unexpected letter from the husband explaining just how much of an impact she had on his wife, who had recently passed after living with dementia.

“Woman remarries husband with dementia after he forgot about first nuptials” – After being married for 13 years and together for 20 years, a couple tied the knot for a second time. The groom, Bill, had forgotten that they were married due to his memory impairment, and continually asked his wife, Anne, to marry him again. She eventually said yes and they enjoyed their honeymoon period all over again.

“To battle isolation, elders and children connect as pen pals” – In response to the pandemic, an Iowa high school partnered with a local senior care facility to pair students with residents at the facility. One of these pen pal partnerships was between Lincoln, a student who was struggling with a lack of activities and Mike, a senior living with dementia whose wife was no longer allowed to visit him. The connection was what they both needed during a challenging time.

“Friends of Alzheimer’s and Dementia visit long-term care facilities with care baskets” – A Nebraska Alzheimer’s and dementia support group came together to bring some joy to five local care facilities after they were forced to shut their doors to visitors. Once it was safe to do so, they visited with activity baskets for the residents and treats for the staff to bring a little bit of happiness to everyone who needed it.

“Man brings joy to care facility residents during quarantine” – An Iowa man turned his daily walk into a source of joy for local care facility residents. During his 45-minute walk routine, he began carrying a sign that said, “Have a happy day” and greeting residents with cheerful waves through the window. His habit was well received, and eventually grew to become walking parades with small groups.

If you’ve seen some good news lately that isn’t included here, I would love to see it. Send me a message or tag me on my Facebook page.

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