The top 6 training options for dementia caregivers


The amount of pressure put on dementia caregivers and families of those with a loved one living with dementia can be difficult to deal with.

Luckily, there are several training options available.

Here are the top six options.

Professional Facility or Agency Training

Everyone will benefit from dementia training, even those already trained in dementia care. These trainings can assist in meeting state licensing requirements.

Consulting Programs for Professionals

These programs benefit assisted living/memory care communities, skilled nursing facilities and in-home care organizations to raise their dementia-awareness for all staff as well as setting each organization apart as the dementia experts, promoting a more positive dementia care brand awareness for family members throughout each of the local areas each of these care providers serve.

Family and Community Presentations

Helps dementia awareness for family members and clients and offers this vital training to those whose loved ones reside at home, as well as in dementia-care communities and all individuals within the local community.

Professional Leadership Training

Designed for assisted living/memory care/in-home care organizations/skilled nursing facilities/faith organizations and all professional dementia care providers. Treat your entire organization to these trainings designed to provide a total transformation to your dementia care approach.

Certified Professional Practitioner Seminars

These trainings bring together a wide variety of senior care professionals from various fields to examine and share ways to translate our evolving knowledge into a loving approach to day to day care. These will transform and refresh your current care programming and present a mix of new insights, tried and true communication skills and innovative and easy-to-learn, successful care practices that will take your dementia care perspective and service provision to the next level.

Personal Consultations for Family Groups or Individuals

These consultations (in person or via the telephone/Skype) will help to determine your individualized needs and challenges and includes:

· General education on dementia

· Coaching to reduce caregiver stress

· Suggestions to modify your home environment

· Strategies to manage challenging behaviors

· Information to keep your loved one active and engaged

· Ideas to create a more enjoyable dining experience

· Resources to help with respite care and ongoing care support

So, where do you find all of these? Right here!

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