Third edition of ‘A Loving Approach to Dementia Care’ coming in March


Caregivers know that to care for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease means devotedly doing numerous little things each day for the person you’re caring for. While you are doing these things with love and patience, there is no manual that outlines the many challenges and complicated feelings you are facing in your unique journey with caregiving, and at times it can undoubtedly feel isolating and exhausting. That’s why I believe the most compassionate thing you can do for your loved one is to care for yourself by seeking support and wisdom.

In my third edition of my best-selling book, A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, I provide practical and easy-to-implement strategies to support you in overcoming obstacles you may face while providing daily care while focusing on strengthening the connection you have with your loved one.

This expanded and refreshed edition will be available in March and has many new insights I can’t wait to share with you. If your life has already been touched by my first and/or second editions, here are some of the refreshed topics that will be included in the third:

• Answers to common caregiver situations such as “What is dementia?”
• Strategies for caring with and coping with a spouse with dementia symptoms.
• Detailed guidance on coping and communication with a spouse living with dementia symptoms.
• Suggestions for caring for an individual with other health issues along with dementia.
• Tips on how caregivers should and can care for themselves.
• Recommendations for managing difficult behaviors and situations.
• Activities for professional and family caregivers that are “Dementia Aware.”

My hope is that you will feel empowered, creative, reassured and, most importantly, understood after you read this. You may not have chosen the path of providing care to a loved one, but you can navigate it with compassion and love and find many moments of joy and deep fulfillment along the way.

Great news! You can be one of the first people to read the book by pre-ordering your copy today.

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