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Dementia Senior Care Keynote Speaker

Best-Selling Author and Internationally Recognized Speaker

Laura Wayman, also known as The Dementia Whisperer, is an internationally recognized dementia care expert. Her book, A Loving Approach To Dementia Care, was published by John Hopkins University and is now in its third edition. She has presented to more than 1,000 audiences over the last 20 years on the topic of making the world more Dementia Aware. She empowers participants in a refreshing, relieving, and rewarding way!

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An Engaging And Informative Speaking Session

Laura’s speaking session on A Loving Approach to Dementia Care – Raising Dementia-Awareness Worldwide is a clarion call to action—positive, life-affirming, constructive action that helps caregivers and families better cope with a condition with boundaries that, for now, are essentially out of our control. In her educational, entertaining and enjoyable presentation, Laura provides the tools and inspiration to fight a battle where loss is not the inevitable outcome.

“I liked the approach that Laura brings! It’s real-life examples that I think will allow people to have more of an ability to relate to the experiences.”
– Lauren Kitchen-Dean, Registered Nurse Case Manager, Suncrest Hospice

“Laura Wayman brings so much to the table!”
– Joe Dunham, Executive Director, Sierra Ridge Memory Care

“The dementia presentation paid off in no time at all! … We look forward to offering this course in the future to all of the healthcare providers at Cosumnes Fire Department.”
– Juliet Carrington, RN CADS, EMS Performance and Development Coordinator

“I have been a preacher for over fifty years and counseled so many. When my wife got dementia, I didn’t know what to do. Wayman’s group sessions and her book not only gave emotional support but gave insight into how to care for my wife. Not only did I learn, I was so blessed with the time I had with my wife. Even the wise choice I had to make about which care facility I had to put her in as she approached the end of her life was made by what the sessions taught me. I am so grateful.”
– Kenneth Rowley

“I wanted to thank you again for the help you provided during your workshops about coping with and taking care of my mother when she came to live with me in 2008. We had four of the very best years together even though her dementia Alzheimer condition was challenging. Your guidance was invaluable.”
– Cynthia Corne

“The Dementia Whisperer helped me transform the way I care for my grandmother, who started experiencing dementia symptoms about 10 years ago.”
– Alice B., Caretaker

A New Approach To Dementia Caregiving

Over my two decades of experience, I have positively impacted professional dementia care providers and family caregivers from all walks of life, including thousands who attended Denver University Senior Law Day; the Alzheimer’s Association (Houston, Memphis, Grand Junction and Sacramento chapters) caregiver workshops; H.I.C.A.P. Annual Retreat; Music Partners in Healthcare; Placer County and El Dorado County Adult System of Care seminars; various dietary, assisted living/memory care hospice conferences, and more!

Session Learning Objectives:

  • How to care for yourself as a caregiver.
  • Techniques to assist in managing stressors in your caregiving environment.
  • How to use affirming responses when communicating with people who have dementia symptoms.
  • How to take a more cooperative and positive outcome approach to caregiving.
  • Learning how to offer caregiving in a more relaxed, confident, and calm manner.
  • Techniques on how to solve behavioral challenges that those with dementia symptoms often have.
  • An understanding of what dementia is and is not.
  • How to perform daily activities more successfully with those who have dementia symptoms.

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