Family Dementia Care Counseling

Are you concerned about your loved one and the new behaviors they have begun exhibiting? Are you thinking it might be time that the family consider a long-term care facility?

You aren’t alone.

There are so many families who are dealing with the onset of dementia symptoms just like you. It can be overwhelming and you might not even know where to begin.

That is where becoming Dementia Aware comes in.

Through my Family Dementia Care Counseling sessions, I can help you and your family better understand dementia symptoms and subsequently manage dementia behaviors easier. These 1.5-hour consultations (online during COVID-19) will help to determine your individualized needs and challenges, including:

  • General education on dementia
  • Coaching to reduce caregiver stress
  • Suggestions to modify your home environment
  • Strategies to manage challenging behaviors
  • Information to keep your loved one active and engaged
  • Ideas to create a more enjoyable dining experience
  • Resources to help with respite care and ongoing care support

These trainings will be specifically tailored to your family’s circumstances. Ongoing sessions are available if needed during this time of transition.

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