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Are you caring for a loved one, patient, resident or client who is presenting dementia symptoms?

Do you want to understand dementia – what it is, how it might feel and how to recognize symptoms?

If you are among the millions of caregivers, both family and professionals caring for an individual with dementia symptoms, you are feeling the impact of dementia care on your life and health, as well as the “ripple effect” on local communities and beyond.

You have come to the right place for encouragement and support!

I believe that the world needs to be “dementia-aware.” We must join together and provide a dementia-aware safety net, utilizing focused education and insightful strategies, effectively guiding all care providers – professional and family – and all community members, such as first responders and leadership, to more meaningful connections and overall positive care outcomes.

In watching this video, you will be transformed in the way you perceive dementia and how it physically, emotionally and psychologically affects the person with dementia symptoms, as well as the person(s) caring for them. You will experience the confidence to utilize the tips, techniques and methods discussed, as well as feel inspired to creatively come up with your own customized strategies so that you better understand changes in behavior, are able to manage challenges, connect more deeply and successfully navigate each individual’s “dementia wonderland.”

Thank you for reaching out to me and taking the time, through this video, to become “dementia-aware.”

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This Training is Broken Down Into the Following Segments:

Chapter 1:
Introduction – Identifying the Need to Raise Community AwarenessTransforming the Perspective of DementiaWhat is Dementia?

Chapter 2:
Understanding Loss of Normal Brain Function in Dementia Symptoms

Chapter 3:
Learning to Connect and Communicate with the Feelings and Emotions that Remain

Chapter 4:
A Dementia-Aware Guide for All Care ProvidersPutting All This Information Into Practice
Final Quiz

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1 Individual Family Member (includes a signed copy of the book, A Loving Approach To Dementia Care), 1-9 People – Includes Organizational and Individual Certification, 10-15 People – Includes Organizational and Individual Certification, 11-50 People – Includes Organizational and Individual Certification, 50+ People – Includes Organizational and Individual Certification


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