First-Responder Dementia Training


Over 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease or other causes of dementia. Increasingly, first responders such as law enforcement, EMTs and paramedics and firefighters are encountering people living with dementia in the course of their work and need sound strategies for keeping the person with dementia and the rest of the community safe, and in situations where they are receiving appropriate care.

Many don’t realize how often firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement encounter individuals with dementia symptoms in the community. On a regular basis, they respond to everything from domestic disturbances (which may be a person with dementia who has become agitated toward an overwhelmed caregiver) to missing person cases (which may be someone who has wandered and become lost), to those that experience frequent falls. These are tough calls – and while our first responders have the heart and compassion, they often don’t have the time, training or resources these families need.

That’s where “The Dementia Whisperer” comes in.

It is Laura Wayman’s, The Dementia Whisperer, vision is to raise dementia-awareness worldwide and she has taken on the responsibility for the development, leadership and delivery of innovative programs to support families, professionals and all whom has been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease and all causes of dementia symptoms.

This training session is one example of that.

This Training is Broken Down Into the Following Segments:

Chapter 1:
Introduction – Identifying the Need to Raise Community AwarenessTransforming the Perspective of DementiaWhat is Dementia?

Chapter 2:
Understanding Loss of Normal Brain Function in Dementia Symptoms

Chapter 3:
Learning to Connect and Communicate with the Feelings and Emotions that Remain

Chapter 4:
A Dementia-Aware Guide for All Care ProvidersPutting All This Information Into Practice
Final Quiz

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