Chance for developing dementia decreases through fitness


Lifestyles and diets are known to have health implications for obvious reasons, and for not so obvious ones.

A fitness lifestyle, for example, can dramatically improve cardiovascular health. New research on the matter is reinforcing the links between good health and the chances for developing dementia symptoms. There is mounting evidence that a life well lived, and even healthy eating, can dramatically reduce the likelihood of developing dementia, a progressive disease of the brain.

The American Academy of Neurology published new findings that indicate that people who are more fit have a 33% lower risk for developing dementia. Spanning nearly a decade, researchers with Washington VA Medical Center and George Washington University worked with many veterans and tracked their fitness and health.

As the individuals’ fitness improved, so did their prospects of a healthier life. More than 640,000 participants were put into various tiered groups based on their level of fitness. The health prospects, and diminished chance for developing illness, improved within each tier, with the healthiest group enjoying much lower risk.

Researchers remain hopeful that a more active lifestyle is a sure promise for reducing the risk for developing the ailment. This study is just another piece of the complicated puzzle that indicates a connection between good health and a healthy brain. In fact, the Alzheimer’s Association advocates for regular physical fitness as the best way to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Over time, dementia can eat away at memories and brain functionality. The progressive disorder can be devastating and leave families scrambling on how to assist their loved ones.

Some 6 million Americans over age 65 are living with Alzheimer’s, which is a common manifestation of dementia. Sadly, there is no reserving this degenerative disease, but there are ways to better manage symptoms through proper care, whether it’s at home or within a care facility. Learn more about how to do this with my various training options.

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