Empower Your Staff with Dementia Care Skills Through Training


In the evolving landscape of elder care, understanding and effectively managing dementia symptoms is crucial. If your organization is keen on training its staff on caring for individuals with dementia, I have an exceptional resource that could be invaluable.

As an internationally recognized speaker and best-selling author I have dedicated my career to raising awareness about dementia and providing caregivers with the tools they need to succeed. With my book, “A Loving Approach To Dementia Care”, published by John Hopkins University and now in its third edition, I have reached out to more than 1,000 audiences over the last 20 years. My approach is not just enlightening, but also empowering, offering a refreshing perspective to those handling dementia care.

An Engaging and Informative Speaking Session

My keynote session, “A Loving Approach to Dementia Care – Raising Dementia-Awareness Worldwide,” is a rallying cry for positive, life-affirming action. My presentation aims to help caregivers and families navigate the complex landscape of dementia care, an area that often feels beyond our control.

My sessions are educational, entertaining and enjoyable, equipping attendees with the tools and motivation to battle dementia, where loss isn’t the inevitable outcome.

A New Approach to Dementia Caregiving

Over my two decades in the field, I have positively influenced professional dementia care providers and family caregivers alike, including those attending Denver University Senior Law Day, Alzheimer’s Association caregiver workshops, H.I.C.A.P. Annual Retreat, Music Partners in Healthcare, Placer County, and El Dorado County Adult System of Care seminars, among others.

The learning objectives of my sessions include:

  • Self-care techniques for caregivers.
  • Methods to manage stressors in caregiving environments.
  • Using affirming responses when communicating with people showing dementia symptoms.
  • Adopting a cooperative and positive outcome approach to caregiving.
  • Offering caregiving in a relaxed, confident, and calm manner.
  • Techniques to solve behavioral challenges common in individuals with dementia.
  • Understanding what dementia is and isn’t.
  • Successfully performing daily activities with those showing dementia symptoms.

If you’re interested in booking me for an event or a series of training sessions, please get in touch with here!

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