GPS personal locators are great safety devices for Alzheimer’s patients


Studies report that there’s an increase in people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease and extreme memory loss. In fact, the Alzheimer’s Association reports that more than five million Americans are living with the disease right now. Sadly, many of these individuals are prone to wandering and getting lost.

Family members and caregivers are often in a constant state of worry about their loved ones. They also stress about their patients wandering off and not being able to find their way home, or worse, getting caught in a dangerous situation far away.

One great solution that caregivers and family members can do to help with the dangers of a wandering Alzheimer’s patient is to utilize GPS technology. There’s an increase in wearable device technology, and these GPS locators are made to be worn on the body either as a necklace, bracelet, or slipped inside of a pocket or jacket. These high-tech personal devices can offer peace of mind not only for the caregivers, but also for the person who’s suffering with this type of memory loss.

Imagine how scary it might feel knowing that you’re in an unfamiliar place, you can’t remember your name, and you don’t know where you live!

Another critically important factor is to know the many risks associated with people who wander. There are simple risks like not taking medications on time or wandering aimlessly through a neighborhood. Risks are even greater when we consider the worse cases where a person wanders into a street.

Ultimately, the best part about utilizing GPS technology for someone who suffers from memory loss is that this technology helps to minimize dangerous life-threatening situations and maximize safety — at the same time. Another amazing feature of a GPS personal locator is that many of them come with an application that you can download to either a computer or mobile device. This type of GPS app can be formatted to a specific geographical zone too.

Some of the benefits of using a GPS personal locator include the ability to:

  • Receive real-time updates on the person’s location
  • Allow the individual more personal freedom
  • Have peace of mind in where your patient is
  • Know that your loved one is safe
  • Empower a patient to live without feeling like a prisoner
  • Care for a person with Alzheimer’s with confidence
  • Offer life-saving care in some situations

What I like about these types of high-tech devices is that they’re empowering to the caregivers and family members as a supportive service. I also enjoy knowing that they empower the individual who is living with Alzheimer’s as well. I think that when we consider the overwhelming challenges that people face when they have Alzheimer’s, these products offer a powerful solution with high value and a wide variety of benefits. If you’re thinking that a GPS Personal Locator would be a great option for you or your loved one, then be sure to verify the variety of functions and benefits so you buy the right device for your needs.

I spend a majority of my time focused on helping to enhance people’s skills on how to support families and individuals who are dealing with the many challenges of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Whether you work in a professional facility or would like a personalized community presentation, I’m here to create a greater understanding and valued experience for everyone who may be struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or memory loss.

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