The role of a “Soul Midwife”


Last week, on the Live With the Dementia Whisperer podcast, my co-host Scott Cluthe and I had an amazing guest – Heather Lynn McGuire, who is a “Soul Midwife.”

Our talk with Heather was enlightening, and I honestly believe that her work is so aligned with ours. I’m excited to share what she does to help support the end-of-life journey.

I asked Heather what the difference was between hospice care and what she offers as a “Soul Midwife,” and she explained it this way:

  • Hospice offers support for the medical care of the dying—for end-of-life care.
  • In contrast, a “Soul Midwife” works with the hospice team. They offer support by being a gentle guide for the family and helping them through the emotional and spiritual care needed to get through the end-of-life experience.
  • The medical staff is often relieved when they see this supportive care person because it allows them to focus mainly on the medical needs of their patients. Although they would love to offer this type of support themselves, they have so many patients to attend to that it’s almost impossible to do both for everyone.

Just as I help people and caregivers during their Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss journey, Heather brings peace and love to the bedside of those who are crossing from this world to the next. To me, this end-of-life journey should be well-supported so it brings peace not only to the person leaving this world, but gives peace to the ones who remain here.

“We come from all walks of life, there’s Chaplains, nurses, CNAs, life coaches, Shamans, social workers, who all are finding absolute joy in serving the dying at their last sacred moment.”

– Heather Lynn McGuire

I encourage you to listen to the show to learn more about Heather’s work.

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