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Dementia Aware

To understand that we can’t stop, fix, or change dementia, but we can manage it and have more positive interactions as we begin to understand what’s behind dementia symptoms.

Dementia Aware Bracelets

$2 (portion of the proceeds donated to Dementia/Alzheimer’s research organizations)

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 Dementia Awareness Resources:

Dementia Aware Options

Certified Dementia-Aware Individual Caregivers

Andrea Campisi

Lindsay Levenson

Rebecca Graulich

Gina Fallaw

Theresa Ginotti Haleen

Dementia Aware Safe Space Sticker

Become a certified Dementia Aware Safe Space by having Laura Wayman train your care facility or first-responder team about becoming Dementia Aware.

Dementia Aware Safe Spaces

These Dementia-Aware Safe Spaces are changing the lives of individuals with any cause of dementia symptoms and their caregivers by providing specialized and innovative dementia-aware care and programs.


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Join me in my #IAmDementiaAware campaign as together we can raise “dementia-awareness” worldwide-to strengthen and support care and services to those with Alzheimer’s or any cause of dementia symptoms. We intend to raise awareness and lower stigma about dementia worldwide, to make dementia a global health priority and to support and empower people living with dementia and their care partners.

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