Get your care organization designated as a Dementia-Aware Safe Space in 2022


Everyone needs a safe space. For people living with dementia symptoms, feeling safe and secure is literally life-changing.

My mission as the Dementia Whisperer is to help the world see clearly how important it is to lift up individuals living with dementia symptoms and caregivers so they can embark on a purposeful and meaningful journey.

As the Dementia Whisperer and a dementia care expert, I guide, support and mentor health care professionals, first responders and family members through this journey. I hope to be an agent of change that effects life-enhancing care.

My trainings and certificate programs are available to everyone.

When care organizations become Dementia-Aware and undergo my training, they can create “safe spaces.” Everyone involved, particularly individuals with dementia-related symptoms, will gain something very important and essential to caregiving. As you’ll see below, a well-trained team will significantly enhance the lives of people in their care.

As the calendar switches from 2021 to 2022, there’s no better time to consider what your organization can accomplish by raising your dementia awareness. These proven strategies greatly enhance everyday living for individuals in your care and the lives of your caregivers. Plus, family members of your residents will know their loved ones are with people who fully grasp what dementia is and how to best manage it.

Here are just a few ways where caregiving organizations benefit by going through Dementia-Awareness Certification training.

Overall care

The wonderful thing about medicine and science is that advancements constantly churn and produce promising results. Research into Alzheimer’s disease and dementia also unlocks new insights into symptoms and treatment that give rise to hope. As a leader within your organization, you’re certainly proud of your standards. At the same time, you understand that there’s always room for new growth, innovation and evolution.

My Dementia-Awareness training is updated when appropriate, aligning with the latest research. The foundation of this training, however, remains unchanged because it is indispensable. With a loving approach to care at the core, Dementia Awareness sets in motion new possibilities of enhanced care.

Open heart

A love-based approach comes first. When dementia care is centered on this north star, caregivers have the tools to reimagine caregiving practices. These outcomes include improved relationships and better quality of life. Practices that focus on dementia-awareness issue those with dementia symptoms a kind of passport in which their caregiving journey features unlimited miles of love, patience and understanding. Admittedly, dementia is incurable and it is degenerative. Nevertheless, people and organizations that care for others possess a special power to approach care with an open heart, which can mean the world to both the people diagnosed with dementia and their families.

Community awareness

When organizations complete their training, I provide a Dementia-Aware Certified Safe Space sticker they can proudly display on their facility. Letting your community know about your training tells them your organization has undergone cutting-edge training that equips your team with critical tools that builds safe spaces and improve care performance. A Dementia-Aware Certified Space is a community asset, one that the entire organization, and community, will be proud of. The certificate and sticker will also get the notice of others, including family members and other visitors. It’ll let them know that the organization is committed to understanding their loved one.

Deeper understanding

Walking in their shoes is a fundamental lesson that can completely change perspectives. While sympathy and understanding are important components to care, a deeper understanding of the dementia journey widens pathways for improved training. With this deeper understanding, certificate holders gain new tools and everyday strategies to tackle the difficulties and complexity of caregiving. As a result, care is more personalized to the patient’s unique needs. Dementia awareness also leads to meaningful moments and stronger connections.

If your organization is ready to learn more and focus on a loving approach to dementia caregiving, please visit for information about training and consultative services.

To help further explain what it means to become Dementia Aware, check out this video, which takes you inside the mind of someone with dementia symptoms.

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